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This campaign is all about you and ONLY you!  I want you to know that I'm a qualified leader and very concerned about Blytheville.  Blytheville has lost over 3,000 of it’s citizens.  Why, you may ask? Let me give you a few reasons:

  • The need for increase manufacturing and distribution jobs. 
  • A great deal of workers at our local Steel Mill plants live out of town. Why?  Because Blytheville lack of community resources within the city. 
  • The need for youth job programs as well as learning and recreation center. 
  • Additional street resurfacing and drainage restoration. 
  • Next step approach to removal of dilapidated structures in our business district and neighborhoods. 
  • Pursuit of major chain eateries.  

The cities around Blytheville are growing, leaving us behind.  The citizens of Blytheville have a serious decision to make on November 8, 2022.  Your decision will determine whether you elect a mayor with big ideas which include: 

  • Bringing manufacturing and distributions jobs for women and men.
  • Creating job programs for our youth.
  • Build a Learning Community Recreation Center.
  • Police reform with a plan to attack and reduce crime.
  • Street resurfacing and drainage restoration. 
  • Removal of dilapidated structures in our business district and neighborhoods.
  • Economic Development Task Force Board 

I believe this will increase our population and help move the city forward.  You can choose to continue with the current administration and continue moving backwards.  The choice for the next four years is yours and this choice will make a big difference in our future!  Early Voting October 24, 2022.  Need a Ride Call 762--6234.

Plan to fix the Problem

I have a 3 to 5-year plan if elected as mayor.  I will create an Economic Development Task Force Board.  This board will help create new economic opportunities for Blytheville and will concentrate on bringing retail, restaurants, men and women friendly manufacturing/distribution jobs, and other programs needed to achieve sustainable development.  Planning helps make the most out of the city budget by infrastructure and services investments.  This board will be a framework that transforms vision into implementation.  None of this is in the current Mayor’s Administration planning board. This is why Blytheville isn’t growing and people are leaving by the thousands. We will have an open door policy and training for all departments to serve the people with courtesy and respect. I’m one that you can trust and hold me and my administration accountable. Plan to make a choice for real change!  Early Voting begins on October 24, 2022.  Need a Ride Call 762-6234.

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Committee to Elect JOHN MAYBERRY
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