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I believe Councilman Mayberry would continue to walk w/ a divine plan as a visionary. He has seen the broken walls , dilapidated houses and he is the one to fix the broken windows in our crime infestated , polluted , flooded neighborhoods . He is a man of wisdom that would stay on the wall until the mission is completed by fighting for reducing crimes , equality, police reform, housing / community developments, noise ordinance, infrastructure for our roads , parks & recreations , youth center, lively & amusement downtown center, lights on over path, beautification, taxes, businesses, finance, jobs for economic growth. He would increase our population and we all heal as our city flourish in health & prosperity. CONGRATULATIONS W/ New Endeavor & Best Wishes, Agape — Donna Aldridge
Family Service / Community Builder

Congratulations on your campaign as Mayor for the City of Blytheville. I pray God's speed, peace, and blessings as you seek for opportunities and possibilities for change and improvement for the betterment of our great city. Stay focused, stay positive and keep your head up while moving forward during this season of campaigning and election. Blessings! — James Bragg
Community Pastor

I have known John Mayberry for over thirty years. In every arena he has excelled. From the classroom, the football field, the church, his family, in business, and as a man he has demonstrated excellence. I have all confidence in electing him as our next mayor! — Merrill Coleman

Bishop Mayberry, A philosopher once said, "It is in changing that things find repose". The scales of my hometown remain unbalanced. The community suffers and we need fighters to focus on issues, NOT dirty politics. I have known you for thirty years and I believe you STAND for a BETTER Blytheville, therefore, you have my respect, best wishes and full support for the position of our next mayor! Ms. Effie Collins — Effie Collins

I was so excited when I heard that you were running for Mayor of Blytheville. As my friend and confidant for over 33 years, I totally support your efforts and have every confidence in the world that you are a voice for others and a heartfelt leader. I remember when I visited you and your family in 2016 and saw all that you were doing in the city and simply said, one day you will be Mayor. That was 16 years ago and I still believe it today. You are a high quality, people-focused man who loves God, your family, and your community with everything inside you. Go forward my friend and give the citizens of Blytheville the leadership they deserve. God Speed. — Roderick “Calvin” Cunningham

Congratulations on your campaign running for Mayor of the City of Blytheville. We have known John Mayberry for several years and one thing I do know is that he is a man of his word. He has a strong love for God, his family, his community, and his country. He is a Public Servant and has proved over the years his ability to lead and his compassion for others. John Mayberry will get the job done. His faith, dedication, values, strategic vision, and ability to unify will allow him to serve the city of Blytheville well. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. — Thurman Geathers

“Our lives begin to end the Day we become SILENT about things that MATTERS”… (Dr. Martin Luther King) I unequivocally 100% grant my endorsement of Councilman John Mayberry to serve as next Mayor for the City of Blytheville Ark… As MLK shared with us, it’s time to cease with SILENT, and fight for making our City great! Councilman Mayberry have shown as a supporter of our Youth, and his years as a Public Servant assures me, I have no doubt he and his administration will turn this City in the right direction moving forward, and his vision and “Proposed City Plan,” will definitely improve the Safety, Health, and Quality of Life of all Citizens… MY NAME IS TONY HOLLIS, & I 100% DO APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!!!! — Tony Hollis
Community Activist

Mr. Mayberry I believe in your vision.. The city needs new ideas that can be brought forward.. The children of this community needs someone they can relate too.The possibility to save the ones that can be saved is priceless.... whatever you do please don't make the people feel that you are unapproachable... LET'S MAKE THE CITY GREAT AND SAFER AND CUT SOME OF THESE TAXES HARRISON LEFT BEHIND....THE POOR DESERVE A BREAK THEY ARE AFFECTED THE MOST.. — Travis Joplin

Congratulations on running for the Mayors office of Blytheville Arkansas. I have know Mr Mayberry for several years and know his love for Blytheville. His platform of doing what is best for the city and especially for the youth of Blytheville is one that has been needed to be addressed for years! I fell like he will be great for all the people of Blytheville! — Russell Leggett
Osceola Athletic Director

Congratulations on your campaign for Mayor of the City of Blytheville. I believe that passion drives the wheel and vision gives light to many possibilities. I know you possess the needed abilities to bring the great minds of our community together for a vibrant future. God bless in all your endeavors. Best, Adron Poole, Proud Citizen of Blytheville — Adron Poole
Pastor/Faith & Glory Christian Fellowship Church

Congratulations Bishop Mayberry! I know you will make a great difference for the city of Blytheville. I hope you know that you have my prayers and support. I know that you will allow the Lord to you use you to bring the city together. Just know that you are blessed and highly favored. If I can be of help to your campaign let me know. God Bless! — Dettris Poole
Assistant Principal

I would like to congratulate Mr. John Mayberry. I commend him for caring for the citizens of Blytheville Arkansas enough to take on the challenge to make a difference and better the community. I’ve known him for over twenty years. He has always been a man of his word and I have witnessed him working countless hours to make a difference in all nationalities’ lives (Hispanic,Caucasian,and Afro American, etc). He works to make a difference even in children’s lives. This is why I strongly recommend and endorse Mr. John Mayberry for mayor. Sincerely, Asst. Presiding Bishop Bennie Pruitt — Bennie Pruitt
Assistant Presiding Bishop

Congratulations on your bid for mayor. Your passion and pride for Blytheville will surely shine in this position. Good luck in your race! — Toshiba Pugh

Congratulations on your run for mayor, Bishop Mayberry! I know you will make a great difference for the city of Blytheville. I want myou know that you have me and my family prayers and support. I know that you will allow the Lord to you use you to bring the city together. Just know If I can be of help to your campaign let me know. God Bless! — Erick Smith

Mr. Mayberry, I have full confidence in your commitment and your vision for the citizens of Blytheville. I have no doubt that the same aggressiveness you serve your ward with that you will serve the entire city with. I am proud to endorse you as the next Mayor of Blytheville. — Frederick Wright

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